Cyber Security expert predicted massive increase in hack attacks

Latest international ransomware attack is just the beginning of what is to come
(CAMARILLO, CALIF) – George Baldonado, President & CEO of Oasis Technology, a leading provider of Cyber Security, has been predicting a massive Cyber Attack for a long time now. Apparently it has fallen on thousands of deaf ears and people have failed to take an active effort to reduce their Cyber Security target.
“The Cyber Security logs from our existing customers have shown a tremendous uptick in Cyber Security intrusion attempts. In addition, not only the quantity of attacks has increased but also the ‘quality’. Hackers are now using attempts that were not even thought of three years ago.” Says Baldonado. “Our warning that all networks are targets for hacking also went unheeded. This latest ransomware attack has attacked all IP addresses not just those of a large companies,” continued Baldonado. “Recklessly ignoring the situation will only fatten the wallets of the hackers,” said Mr. Baldonado.
“The sad part is that there are steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate this potential for hacking but companies refused to take these steps. We have advised our customers to take these steps and they are free of this attack. My recommendation is that all companies and residential Internet users take these steps,” says Baldonado.
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