The Benefits TITAN Provides for a Business

Owning a business can be a very rewarding experience. You act as your own boss, and the power to make all the right decisions sits directly in your hands.

But imagine one day, that everything goes downhill… Not because of bad credit or a loan that’s come back to haunt you; not because of a bad Yelp review or anything like that, but because of a hacker… A cybercriminal who’s made it his mission to steal whatever you’ve so carefully stored away. Doesn’t sound fair, does it?

Sadly, many businesses encounter an early end thanks to malicious cyber activity. Whether it’s through malware, ransomware, an internal hack or data breach, businesses disappear at the hands of cybercriminals all the time…

So wouldn’t it be nice to have a permanent shield against such a fate? What if there was a weapon that could keep you constantly protected against hackers and online nasties looking to tarnish your hard-earned reputation? Well thankfully, there is.

TITAN is the ultimate defense against cyberattacks. Carefully designed by our experts at Oasis Technology, TITAN was born when a malicious attack struck our headquarters years ago. Likely the wrongful target of Chinese groups, Oasis could find no immediate solution offhand, and TITAN spent two years in development to bring perfection to our customers.

Whether you’re an individual or company employing hundreds or even thousands of people, TITAN offers the security you need to stay strong, stable, and fully resistant. It’s the only patented intrusion prevention system today that’s built to secretly trace hackers and stop them dead in their tracks.

Whatever you do, DON’T fall into the mistaken belief that many business owners do… DO NOT BELIEVE that the firewall will protect you from ALL hacking. If this were true, then there would BE NO HACKING.

So what are the benefits of TITAN, and what can it do for your business? First off, TITAN is not a firewall. It’s meant to serve as your firewall’s “backup,” strengthening it before a hacker’s bad data spreads to your network. TITAN is always in your control and housed at your company to give you regular access to our powerful security measures. Now, you can monitor everything that goes in and out of your system. Think of TITAN as an eternal set of eyes – watching with extreme precision to make sure harmful data always keeps its distance. TITAN also reduces Internet bandwidth requirements from lowered traffic.

TITAN comes equipped with special self-learning logic, allowing it to constantly adapt as threats change. DDoS attacks are stopped without manual intervention, along with ransomware and several forms of malware. It’s undetectable, and features Black Hole technology to eliminate all hack attempts before they happen. It also comes in four distinct forms to meet your specific needs and budget.

If you’re in the market for some solid protection for your business, get in touch with us today. TITAN offers the best defense and security for keeping hackers out of your hair for good. We offer the only product you’ll ever need to keep your data completely safe and secure.

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