Titan Questions

Is Titan a Firewall?

TITAN sits in front of your existing firewall and works in conjunction with your firewall to complement your cyber security while providing real-time analytics and IP shunning.

Why is Titan NOT a firewall?

A firewall presents a logical “door” that the hackers can focus on and try to break into.  TITAN does not present any “door” – therefore it cannot be hacked. Think of TITAN as a covert security guard that secretly watches each byte that tries to enter your network.

Do I still need a firewall if I have a Titan?

YES. Firewalls are needed and play an important part in protecting your network. TITAN is not designed to duplicate what a firewall does.

TITAN’s patented architecture enables it to do what other devices cannot do. TITAN’s PATENTED architecture, built from the ground-up, is designed SOLELY to prevent intrusions.

How does Titan avoid being hacked itself?

TITAN’s PATENTED stealth mode architecture allows it to secretly sit in front of the firewall, observe traffic, and act on the bad traffic that is traversing through the pipe.  This is all done with real-time analytics.

TITAN behaves like a pipe with invisible technology that is monitoring and filtering all packets as they pass through — WITHOUT limiting your network’s performance. TITAN is in stealth mode and therefore cannot be detected.

Would Titan have prevented the most recent hack attacks?

Yes. What situation we cannot prevent against is if someone has very low security user ids and passwords such as a user id of “abc” and a password of “1234”.

Does Titan perform IP shunning?

Yes, TITAN is extremely effective in performing IP shunning.

What exactly is IP shunning?

IP shunning is an attack defense mechanism that prohibits certain IP addresses from entering a network.

Where does Titan get the list of IP addresses to shun?

TITAN develops the IP list based upon heuristics and attack patterns.

Does Titan work off a fixed IP list to enable shunning?

No. Fixed IP lists do not change fast enough in the dynamic age of IOT. Changes must be made instantly as the IP threats change from one location to another. TITAN’s defense mechanisms define their own attacker database based upon the traffic that comes in.

Does Titan rely totally on IP shunning?

No. TITAN incorporates IP shunning as only one of its defense mechanisms against attackers.

Is Titan limited by false positives?

No. At this time, TITAN has protected users from over 22B bad packets with no false positives.

How is Titan updated?

TITAN updates are pushed out on a regular basis. In addition, since TITAN is not STATEFUL (static and fixed), TITAN will also learn as it encounters daily traffic.

How many entry points will one device service?

From 1 to many thousands.

How does the system work if a client is storing the majority of their information on a cloud, such as Sony or Target? In essence, how would they deploy Titan to protect all of their data?

The cloud provider has to have their own TITAN box. This is the big weakness with cloud providers and cloud storage. If they go down, are hacked, get a virus, burn down, etc., then the data for ALL the customers is affected, too. This is something the cloud providers do not want to talk about.

Is there a place where I can view real-time Titan data?

Yes. Simply go here.

Part of the service you provide includes monitoring. Are your clients able to monitor Titan as well?

YES., users can do their own monitoring. In addition, we provide 24×7 monitoring, updates, maintenance, and keep a watch out for new hack attempts. If we see a problem, we notify the customer immediately.

We also provide a web-based portal for real time monitoring.

Does Titan assist with various mandated compliance laws?

Yes. TITAN helps with PCI, HIPAA, and SOX compliance — plus undetectable packet monitoring, dynamic rules, real-time monitoring, and auto-escalation.

How does Titan work if the attacker tries a different mode of attack?

TITAN learns by the type of traffic that attempts to enter its network. Should attackers try a different approach, TITAN will adjust to that attack and block that as well.

How well does Titan control DDOS attacks?

Special heuristics, in combination with advanced logic and communication controls, eliminates DDOS attacks.

What provisions can be made for pilot projects to test the system for local and state governments at their most vulnerable entry point? I would think, in most cases, that local or state governments would want to see beyond a reasonable doubt that Titan does what Oasis claims it does before making a full commitment to Titan.

We regularly work with state and local governments to test TITAN in their environments.

How will you deal with installations across the nation? Are orders processed with equipment sent to them with everything else being done over the phone once the equipment has been received? How does this process work?

We only need to obtain a very small amount of technical information from a customer over the phone and then we ship them a completely configured TITAN box. All they have to do is plug it in.

It takes three minutes and we can walk them through it over the phone. We also provide a video that shows exactly how to install TITAN.

What local or state governments have you sold Titan to and, if so, do you have testimonials from them?

TITAN is installed in the City of Camarillo and we are working on other city and county governments.

Are there opportunities to use Titan with cloud based data centers?

YES. TITAN is really needed there. Big centers are where the hackers will strike first.  Those centers need to install a TITAN before their firewall.

Are health insurance agencies required to be HIPAA compliant or just the actual insurance companies?

All health insurance agencies AND insurance companies are required to be HIPAA compliant.

Is Titan applicable to banks -- and even small banks?

Absolutely. TITAN is inexpensive insurance for banks. Banks are governed by a host of laws including Sarbanes- Oxley (SOX) and Gramm-Leach Bliley.

Can you send more information on the Titan product?

Yes, we can email a PDF with what you need to know to protect your network from intrusions!

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