Hacker Leaks Netflix Show: How TITAN Could Have Helped Prevent It

Claiming to have stolen unreleased television shows from various major networks, “thedarkoverlord” leaked the latest season of the popular Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.”

Netflix had planned on releasing the new season on June 9. Unfortunately, due to their failure to meet ransom requests, the hacker shared the series with the public on Saturday, April 29.

According to Nicole Perlroth’s and Matthew Haag’s article in the New York Times, the breach occurred at the post-production company Larson Studios, which provides digital mixing services for major television networks and movie studios in Los Angeles. The hack was brought to the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation back in January, though content companies were not notified until mid-April.

Using the self-proclaimed name “thedarkoverlord,” the hacker has been actively threatening other networks on Twitter, saying their shows will be released next if they do not comply. Perlroth’s and Haag’s article further explains that many ransom and extortion attacks instigated by cybercriminals over the past year have increased the response frequency of security experts for breaches threatening to leak proprietary information if ransoms are not paid.

Within the past five years, ransomware attacks have increased dramatically. Ransomware attacks were up 50 percent last year over 2015, according to Perlroth’s and Haag, while this recent incident highlights a very troubling fact – large studios, ranging from Netflix to ABC to FOX, enforce strong security tactics designed to keep content and customer data safe from intrusion, but problems may lie with the many post-production studios that don’t follow similar guidelines, which means content can lose the protection and security it once enjoyed, and shows and movie reels are susceptible to theft and exploitation.

And while we at Oasis TITAN don’t like to brag (okay, sometimes we do), the confidence we hold in our anti-threat measures is so strong that such an occurrence could have likely been stopped with help from our experts.

TITAN is an intrusion and data breach prevention network designed to locate and stop cybercriminals dead in their tracks. Some of the product’s biggest success stories involve clients in both the healthcare and financial sectors. A bank, recognized amongst the top one percent of nearly 6,000 financial institutions, recently used TITAN during an array of security tests. Through our product’s assistance and defense capabilities, the FDIC and internal auditors were unable to penetrate the bank’s forces and test its systems, keeping the bank safe and protected against third-party interventions.

As a winner of the CDM security award, TITAN can stop all malevolent and DDoS attacks through minimal programming and without manual intervention. It works to prevent what firewalls cannot, like incoming and outgoing ransomware attacks to ensure the hack on Netflix could have never gone past its initial phases.

No doubt, TITAN can give you and your business the strongest level of security available. If you’re in the market for a better system that’s sure to stop cyberattacks, give us a call. We have the drive and expertise necessary to keep your business healthy and shielded from cybercrime.