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TITAN prevents DDOS and Ransomware attacks!!!

Your “Next Generation” Cyber Security Integration Specialist

TITAN is a Full Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) plus immediate frontal attack compliance and protection!

The ONLY IPS that covertly protects your network from outside attacks BEFORE they get into your network.

RANSOMWARE and DDOS protection is included in all TITAN Shipments!!!!!!

TITAN is compatible with ALL Firewalls!

TITAN IS NOT A FIREWALL. TITAN complements what your firewall cannot do. To be secure you need both.

TITAN sits in front of your existing firewall and works in conjunction with your firewall to augment your Cyber security.

A firewall presents a logical “door” that the hackers can focus on. Hackers can break through your firewall. TITAN does not present any “door” – Therefore it cannot be hacked.

TITAN’s patented stealth mode architecture allows it to secretly sit in front of the firewall. It observes  all traffic and with its Black Hole Technology acts on the bad traffic that is traversing through the pipe. TITAN directs it into its Black Hole, never to be seen again. It passes only good data onto your firewall.

TITAN behaves like a pipe with invisible technology that is monitoring and filtering all packets as they pass through WITHOUT limiting your network’s performance. It improves your network’s performance

What is TITAN?

Think of TITAN as a covert security guard that secretly watches each byte that tries to enter your network.

Firewalls are needed and play an important part in what they do.

TITAN is not designed to duplicate what a firewall does.

TITAN’s patented architecture enables it to do what other devices cannot do!

Add in PCI, HIPAA, and SOX compliance plus undetectable packet monitoring, dynamic rules, real-time monitoring, and auto-escalation.

TITAN’s architecture, built from the ground-up, is designed SOLELY to prevent intrusions.

And TITAN continuously learns and self-adjusts.


TITAN’S Origins

TITAN, the singular intrusion prevention system was developed after Oasis Technology experienced a massive cyber-attack that impacted the company.

It is believed that Oasis was mistakenly targeted by Chinese groups.

Oasis struggled to find an off the shelf solution but to no avail.

As a result, Oasis successfully developed their own device to protect themselves.

TITAN was born.

TITAN is the only patented Intrusion Prevention System that COVERTLY tracks and stops hackers in their tracks!

Do we compete with firewall manufacturers?
NO – we partner with them.

Some of our partners are:

  • Juniper
  • Barracuda
  • Sonic Wall
  • Palo Alto

Benefits of TITAN:

  • Sits in front of your Firewall
  • Is housed at your company, in your control
  • Reduces Internet bandwidth requirements due to reduced traffic
  • Increases network performance because hackers’ traffic doesn’t reach your network

Try it now and see who is attacking your network — you may be surprised.

Take the time and see what your real vulnerabilites are.

TITAN is available in four models to meet your specific needs and budgets:

  • TITAN Pegasus – 5 IP addresses/50Mbps
  • TITAN Atlas – 15 IP addresses/100Mbps
  • TITAN Zeus – 32 IP addresses/300Mbps
  • TITAN Mega-Zeus 255+ IP addresses/1Gbps+