How to Protect Your Ecommerce Site from Hackers

With the number of hackings being reported, it’s understandable to be worried about the security of your e-commerce site.


To make sure that your e-commerce site is secure, you will want to take the proper precautions. There are a few things that you can do that will help increase your site’s security. While some of them may seem inconvenient, they are well worth it!


For the success of your e-commerce site, it is important to keep your customers’ information private. Here are some tips on how to protect your e-commerce site from hackers.


SSL Certificate


If you have not already done so, get an SSL certificate. The reason it is so important to have an SSL certificate is because it secures your site. If you have noticed, many sites are no longer HTTP, but instead, they are HTTPS.


The “S” stands for secure. The added “S” lets users know that your e-commerce site is safe for shopping. It is advised not to put your credit card information on sites that are HTTP, therefore, if you want users to trust your site you are going to need to have an SSL certificate.


You can get a free SSL certificate at Let’s Encrypt. Once you have an SSL certificate, you can guarantee that all the information that passes between your web server and your browsers will remain private. Even throughout the purchasing process, an SSL certificate ensures that financial and personal information will be protected.


Make sure to stay up to date on your SSL certificate. If you let it expire then you will be putting your e-commerce site at risk.


Stay Updated


One common way sites get hacked is by not keeping up with the updates.


If you are not updating your e-commerce site regularly, you are putting a target on your back. Hackers can easily get into non-updated software.


The reason many updates are provided is because a bug has been discovered. The update is a new version that resolves the issue so that the software can be secure again. If you are ignoring these updates, then you are putting your site at risk for bugs and hackers.


Get a Good Host


There are many different hosts, each providing different tools. To make sure that you have chosen the right host for your e-commerce site, sit down and think about what your needs are.


You most likely will want to find a host that offers regular backups, regular network monitoring, and a contact for you to call in case you have a security emergency. The tools and applications that your host offers should make running your e-commerce site easy.


Your host should be taking the proper precautions to ensure that your site is secure. Finding a good host will help you be able to focus on the business aspect of your site, rather than having to constantly worry about the security.


Collecting Customer Data


Another great way to protect your customers’ private information is to not keep it on your server. Unless the information is essential to your business there is no reason to have it stored. If your server doesn’t have the private information that hackers are looking for, then there will be no information for them to take.


One way to make sure that your server isn’t storing private information is to use an encrypted check out tunnel when processing credit cards. An encrypted check out tunnel eliminates the need for your server to even see your customers credit card data.


Some may find it slightly inconvenient, but it is worth taking the time to keep your customer’s credit card information secure.




One of the best ways to make sure that your e-commerce site is secure is to have an intrusion prevention system or IPS.


Many sites have a firewall to help protect their servers. Firewalls block and allow traffic through giving hackers a chance to get in. Titan, a trusted IPS, detects and inspects all traffic in close detail to see if it is an attack.


Unlike a firewall, Titan monitors for unusual behavior, abnormal traffic, malicious code, or anything else that resembles an attempted intrusion by a potential hacker. Titan is placed in front of the firewall working in conjunction to strengthen your Cyber security. It is the only IPS that covertly protects your network from the outside making it next to impossible for hackers to get in.


Getting Titan to put in front of your firewall will ensure that your e-commerce site is secure from any hackers or malicious activity.


The number of reported hacks is going up each year. Don’t let your e-commerce site become one of those statistics. If you follow these tips on how to protect your e-commerce site from hackers, you will be able to feel safe that your site is secure.


If your business is in need of IT services, or if you have any Cyber security questions, contact us today. We want to discuss your business’s needs to ensure that it has the proper security needed to avoid future attacks.