Current TITAN Affiliates


Williams Data Management
Los Angeles, California


Infinite IT Solutions
Sacramento, California


Cybernut Solutions
Mesquite, Texas


Integrated Solutions
Birmingham, Alabama


While you deliver full protection for your customer’s network, the TITAN Affiliate Program is specifically designed to increase your bottom line from day 1.

There are two ways to use TITAN to do this:

  1. Develop lucrative lines of business:
  • Perform risk assessments. Show a client where their network is vulnerable and provide the services to fix those vulnerabilities.
  • Perform systems compatibility and integration services. Ensure your client’s various hardware devices and system software are compatible.

We would be happy to discuss how you can use these services to provide value added to your clients.  We have done it with our customers and we know what works.

Our TITAN Engineers will answer questions that may arise when you are doing risk assessments and systems compatibility services.  They’ll assist you getting the correct information for our configuration sheets prior to installation….and they’ll be right with you during installation.

  1. Referral payments and ongoing commission:
  • For each TITAN installation you sign up, you will receive a “referral” payment for that installation.  Even if one client installs more than 1 TITAN, you will receive a referral payment for EACH specific TITAN.
  • After the installation, you receive 20% commission on each monthly TITAN lease.  Again, if a client has more than 1 TITAN, you will receive 20% commission on each TITAN box – and this is a continuous monthly lease payment.

And there’s more:

You don’t have to carry any TITAN inventory!  As soon as you sign a client up, we ship the TITAN to you for installation.  There are no out-of-pocket costs to you at all.

We are here to help you increase revenue.  Those aren’t just words to us – we mean it.  When you sell TITAN, you are helping us increase our bottom line as well.  And that’s what teamwork is all about.